It’s no accident when a company has been around this long. Dauter Stone is a reliable, knowledgeable, first quality producer. We will be there when we say we will. We use the best available equipment and technology to manufacture the best possible product. You don’t have to worry about uneven cutting or polishing, or inexpert installations.

Every customer and every inquiry is given respect and prompt attention. We do not leave you lost and ignored in the showroom.

At Dauter Stone Inc., you don’t have to choose your stone elsewhere. We carry a huge inventory of beautiful stone slabs at one location, together with our showroom and fabrication plant. We use the stronger thicker 3cm thickness slabs. You will inspect the stone personally before any cutting, to ensure your satisfaction. We will promptly and efficiently provide any service required with our own highly trained technicians.

At Dauter Stone Inc., we pride ourselves on superior workmanship, attention to detail, and excellent customer service. We’ll work hard so that you come away satisfied with your new granite countertops, and we pledge to treat your investment with the care and precision it deserves.

Call today, or come by and see our new showroom, our extensive inventory, and talk to our expert staff about your project.

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Our Advantage

  • Well founded company with a rock solid reliability and reputation, locally owned and serving the Calgary area and B.C. interior for over 35 years
  • The stronger, more durable 3cm thickness
  • Slab inspection for our customers before cutting
  • Front profile edges diamond polished for a permanent shine matching the slab face
  • Machining ridges polished out by hand
  • Strongest undermount sink reinforcement, with stainless steel bar inset into the stone along the vulnerable front kitchen sink edge (where cabinet and sink design allow)
  • Our own skilled tradesmen to do all manufacturing and installation
  • Full one year warranty with highly trained service technicians always available
  • Accurate templating done on site with the top digital laser
  • Highly specialized up-to-date equipment, providing the best finishes. We use CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) technology
Granite (& Natural Quartzite)Natural granite belongs to the family of igneous rocks. It is acid-resistant which is one of the reasons it is an excellent counter surface. Granite is composed mainly of feldspar and quartz, with minor…
Marble (& Limestone) Marble and travertine are unique and beautiful natural stones characterized by veining. Travertine has holes in the stone which are filled by cementious grout and/or resin, and this gives the stone a…
Soapstone Soapstone is a metamorphic rock, composed largely of talc, which gives it the soapy feel, as well as chlorite, dolomite and magnetite. It is very dense and inert to acids and alkalis, making it a good…
Engineered Quartz This is a man-made solid surface product comprised of over 90% ground natural quartzite mixed in a resin base and poured into molds to form slabs. There are numerous brand names, all virtually…







About Us

Dauter Stone Inc. has been serving the Calgary area for over 35 years, and is still a first generation family business. We manufacture and install natural stone products made from granite, soapstone, limestone, marble, natural quartzite and quartz (engineered). We manufacturer right on the premises; no intermediaries, no foreign production; at Dauter Stone you are buying local and direct. We are experts in the stone industry. We’ve worked with all types of stone, and know what works and how to accomplish the job successfully. Our staff will listen carefully to your needs and give you the honest truth about how each stone you consider will perform for you. We believe it’s not enough to like the look; you need to be happy with the installation, durability, maintenance and performance as well.

Our most popular products for the residential market are stone countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, but we can custom manufacture specialty stone items such as shower walls, shelves, benches, stairs and fireplaces. We have a beautiful new showroom and an extensive inventory of stone slabs, including many exclusives, available for viewing and selection. We offer soapstone, Jura limestone and many gorgeous natural quartzites. Samples and free estimates are always available.

For the commercial market, we supply and install exterior stone cladding, interior stone walls and floors, commercial washroom vanities, and ceramic tile and stone tile floors and walls.

Dauter Stone is a well known and respected contractor, performing installations at landmark Calgary buildings, parks and plazas for the last 35 years.

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TestimonialS (See All)

Service Tech

“Special thanks to Dauter’s service tech. He was professional, talented and looked after the repair at hand.” G.W.

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Good Recommendations

“The counter tops look lovely. The men completed the job quickly and neatly and were most helpful in giving me advice on care for the counter tops. The salesperson had a good eye, good recommendations, and helped…”

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Positively Ecstatic

“I am positively ecstatic about my granite installation! It looks beautiful and I am very happy! Sales gave me excellent customer service.” C.P..

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