Granite Vanities

Beautiful and Practical

Granite is a gorgeous and practical choice for bathroom vanities. The usual finish is highly polished, but you can now choose the satin finish, also called leather. Dauter Stone can create this finish for you in the colour of your choice. We have over 50 different and beautiful granite colours to view and choose from. Most vanities require only a remnant sized piece, which widens the colour choices even more, and reduces the price dramatically!

Natural Quarzites are as hard and durable as granite and therefore are equally versatile. They are newer in the marketplace and have their own unique colours and patterning. We have an excellent range available for viewing and selection.

Is Radon Emission from Stone Countertops a Concern?

Studies show that there are no significant radon emissions from granite or other stones used in the home. Other household sources of radon exceed that which comes from stone. To read more, click on the link below: