Soapstone Countertops

For the Natural Look

Soapstone can be hard to find, but at Dauter Stone, we keep it in stock. We are the only supplier in Western Canada with over a decade of experience working with this special product. Newly available, we have beautiful North American material. Quality soapstone countertops can add beauty, function, and value to any kitchen or bath, and Dauter Stone Inc. is your source for premium soapstone countertops in Calgary. We pride ourselves on excellence, which means that we do whatever it takes to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. When you choose us for your countertops, you can count on beautiful results and a worry-free project. That’s just how we do things.
Soapstone is a unique choice for those who want the beauty and practicality of natural stone with a softer, slightly textured surface and a more rustic look than the polished options. Soapstone is extremely dense, non-porous, and will not stain (once oiled). Like granite, it is stain-resistant and heat-resistant. Colour choice is in a range of greys, with creamy white veining. Unlike granite, it is soft, and although it scratches easily, the scratches disappear with oiling. Initial saturation with mineral oil is required to prep the surface, and brings out the colour and beauty of the stone.

We also custom manufacture square, farmhouse style soapstone sinks. Interestingly, these were historically popular in the days of heating water by woodstove, because the dishwater would stay warm when the soapstone absorbed the heat from the hot water. We don’t need to worry about hot water anymore, but these sinks are still beautiful and classic.

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What About Seams?

Seams are not something to worry about

Granite slabs are limited by the size of stone blocks coming from quarries. An average size is 5 feet by 9 feet, with some slabs larger and some smaller. The size of pieces that can be made is limited by:

  • First, the size of the slabs
  • The configuration of the room
  • Ability to get the pieces into the house safely
  • Physical factors allowing the piece to be placed without breaking

Seams are an integral part of many countertop installations, just as they are of flooring, carpet, arborite, woodwork, etc. Seams are installed only where required. Dauter Stone technicians do a very tight clean seam filled with clear epoxy, which does not detract from the appearance, utility, or cleanliness of the countertop


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